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  •   Company Profile
    Operational headquarters
    Address: Huangqiao Industrial Park Suzhou, Jiangsu 215132 China
    Tel: +86-512-88188130
    E-mail :sales@boliypower.com
    Campany Philosophy   
    Current location:HomeCampany Philosophy

    Quality: Quality is life , we try our best to offer high quality products to our customer.

    Innovation: Innovation is power. Designing new products according to customer’s demands is our responsibility.

    Service: Providing sincere and comprehensive service is our ultimate goal.

    Environment: Cherishing earth resources, pursuing sustainable development.

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    ? 2009-2010Suzhou zhonggu Mould Co., Ltd. Su ICP 06060188 No.   Huangqiao Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu 215132 China  Phone +86-512-88188130  Fax:+86-512-65468986/88188138